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Compound Words

When children first start learning to read and write words, they learn simple words like play, it, and up. They learn sight words that they need to know just by looking at them. They also learn words that need to be decoded or sounded out. As they get older, the vocabulary words they must know become bigger, longer, and more complicated. There are many learning tools available to practice word building skills, including playing online games. Students should also be reading every day, and they should be read to by adults or older children who can model reading with fluency.

One type of word that students will learn is called a compound word. Compound words combine two words to make one word. For example, playground and lunchbox are compound words. So are crosswalk and baseball. Students can practice compound words in the books they read or use skills worksheets to put words together and take them apart. Another fun way for students to practice compound words is with online games.

The multisensory nature of online games helps all students learn, including English language learners (ELL) and students with special needs, such as children with autism.

In addition to compound words, there are many other vocabulary study topics to teach your students. A lesson on frequently confused words or root words, for example, is a great way to continue your instruction on different vocabulary topics.