April is the start of the fresh fruit and vegetable season across the country, and that season begins with red, sweet strawberries. Even though we can get strawberries throughout the year, nothing beats spring berries for color and flavor.

Play Fruit Stand Video

Kids love sweet strawberries and other fresh fruits, and they’ll love them even more when they’ve seen the Fruit Stand Song video on LearningGamesforKids.com.

This colorful, engaging video will have kids bopping to the beat as they learn to identify new kinds of fruits. Watch and sing along, but be sure to have a fruit snack for your kids to munch. They’ll be ready after the video!

If your preschooler loved the Fruit Stand Song, check out our other animated preschool learning songs. They’ll help them learn about the alphabet, animals, and more. Music videos at LearningGamesforKids.com provide fun and learning as one!

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