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Oregon is home to so much natural beauty. It is also rich in history and culture. The state symbols of Oregon are an important part of both. To make it fun to learn, kids can play games to learn that the Oregon Grape is the state flower and the Douglas Fir is the state tree. The Beaver State has never been more interesting! Have fun learning about the state of Oregon!!


Oregon State Symbols
educational card game
Oregon State Memory Match
educational game
Oregon Unscramble the Symbols
Play Letterfall
Fun with Oregon Vocabulary

play spelling game
Spell Oregon Vocab Words
Play Hang Mouse
Hangmouse In Oregon
play wordsearch game
Oregon Word Search
Travel Portland Oregon

Summer Snowboard Camp
Printable OR Unscramble
Alexander Graham Bell educational game
Oregon State Flag Puzzle
Oregon Stories By You

Play Word-O-Rama
Oregon Word-O-Rama

Oregon Games

Oregon offers both cultural attractions of Portland and the natural beauty of its varied landscape. The Oregon Coast, Mt. Hood, and the Painted Hills are just a few of the natural landmarks that define this beautiful state. Kids growing up here also need to learn what the Oregon state tree, song, motto and bird are. Kids homeschooling in Oregon can learn the Oregon state capital, Oregon state motto and the Oregon state nickname, as well as being able to identify the flag and the Oregon state seal using state games. Oregon Spelling Games can help kids learn all about the state. Groups, like this Oregon Homeschool Group support the use of learning games online for teaching and enrichment in learning about your state. Learn about the state of Oregon with fun interactive games here on Learning Games For Kids.