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Alabama is home to so much natural beauty. It is also rich in history and culture. The state symbols of Alabama are an important part of both. To make it fun to learn, kids can play games to learn that the Camellia is the state flower and the the Southern Longleaf Pine is the state tree. Watch videos of largemouth bass and monarch butterflies. When you’re done with this section, you’ll know that the monarch is Alabama’s state insect! Have fun learning about the state of Alabama!!


Alabama State Symbols
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Alabama Games

Alabama is defined by many as a beautiful place to vacation. Sandy beaches and sunny skies are just two of the amazing things that draw people to Alabama. From forest to mountains to beaches – Alabama is a state of many geographic features. For those who live there, Alabama holds more than just natural beauty. Kids growing up here also need to learn what the Alabama state tree, song, motto and bird are. Kids homeschooling in Alabama can learn the Alabama state capital, Alabama state motto and the Alabama state nickname, as well as being able to identify the flag and the Alabama state seal using state games. Alabama Spelling Games can help kids learn all about the state. Many homeschool groups, such as this Alabama Homeschool Group encourage the use of online learning games to teach about their state. Learn about the state of Alabama with fun interactive games here on Learning Games For Kids.