Why Use Games to Learn?

LGFK games to learn-Just what is Learning Games for Kids all about anyway?-

“Play is by its very nature educational…When the fun goes out of play most often so does the learning.” Oppenheim, 1984

Learning through play is motivational and most often encourages clear focus on a task. Educational games also encourage and promote learning outside of a classroom. Today’s students have grown and developed with technology at the heart of all they do. Everything from video games, television, to the internet affect how modern day learners think. Learning Games for Kids understands this learner and provides educational experiences that enrich and expand student’s learning.

Learning games include anything from actual instruction of a concept to the drill and practice regarding that concept. Learning a skill through gaming is also highly beneficial. Keyboarding is one of those skills that are acquired well through online learning games.

Some of our favorites at Learning Games for Kids include:

Play Arachnid Falls

Arachnid Falls TypingLearn about simple machinesSimple Machines

Play Musical Notes Game

Musical Notes Game