LGFK GRAPHIC ORGANIZERSAround here, we love learning games… so what better to share with our followers for Freebie February.

  1. The highlight holiday this month is Valentine’s Day and LGFK has a great rhyming game to get some practice writing rhymes for your Valentine’s Day cards!
  2. To give you a few ideas for creating your Valentine’s check out these DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations.
  3. Have you ever seen our Printables section? We’ve got printable worksheets and puzzles for nearly every core subject by grade level. Start with these 5th Grade worksheets!
  4. Here’s another often overlooked area of our website – Graphic Organizers. These fun little ways to organize info really help your students retain what they are learning. The Gimme Five organizer allows you to enter a word and then find organize other words that end, begin, have a similar vowel sound, and words that have the same number of letters. You can even save this exercise to print out later!
  5. One more awesome resource is our Create Your Own Comic Strip. This is super useful when doing a book review or summary project. You can save and print!