LGFK dont get stuck

So, it’s nearing the end of summer already. Which typically means back to school for all of us, and back to school usually means back to the same old “rut.” Yet, I vote “NO MORE RUTS” for this fall! Let’s make education exciting and interesting at every opportunity.

Do you enrich your student’s/child’s learning as much as possible? I know that one of the common issues at our house is that we take science as a dry and dusty subject. I know I’ve been guilty of that –  but that doesn’t have to be. Science4Us science resource is a great place to start with an exciting and interesting take on younger elementary science. Definitely no more ruts there!

Do you give your student/child ample opportunity to practice their vocabulary and spelling words? It’s easy to get into a rut here too. With a new list each week you’d think that we’d stay away from that rut… but no. New list, study, write, rewrite, write in a sentence… rut. My favorite way to stay out of the spelling rut is Vocabulary Spelling City. With a simple entering of the word list each week your kids can have hours of games and drills as well as sentence writing and alphabetizing right at their fingertips. NO SPELLING RUT!

And… of course, don’t forget the wealth of learning game resources right here at Learning Games for Kids. With a learning games for nearly every thing your kiddos are studying… I hope that you’ve bookmarked out site to help you stay out of those ruts!