Don’t Forget What You’ve Learned!

Time always seems to fly by… school’s out already and lazy days of summer loom ahead. But wait! We all know that if we aren’t using it… we are losing it! Don’t let summer lull your brains to sleep… use learning games to get some mental challenges this summer.

Crossword Puzzles are great for building vocabulary!

Match GameMemory Match Game is great for Keeping that Brain alert!

LetterBlocksBuild Word Fluency with this Letter blocks game!

Line MatchKeep on top of those Foreign Language skills with these games!

HangMouseYou won’t forget your Parts of Speech with this super fun version!

It’s great to use learning games to maintain learning levels during the summer. Our kids have enjoy playing, and have actually made it part of their morning routine before jumping in the pool! Stay safe this summer and keep learning!