It’s November, and schools and home schools across the United States are focused on writing. Students are writing reports, doing large-scale projects, and readying themselves for standardized tests. For many students, these writing tasks cause anxiety, procrastination, and stress. They don’t have to! Here are three great tools that can help your child or students write great paragraphs, the building blocks of successful writing.



The Paragraph Burger is a graphic organizer shaped like a burger. Each section: bun, tomato, lettuce, burger, is labeled to help students remember the sections of a successful paragraph: topic sentence, 3 supporting details, concluding sentence. This fun and friendly format helps students write one sentence at a time, and when they’re finished one paragraph for their project will be complete. Find this and other helpful graphic organizers at


Paragraph Writing Practice

Writing a paragraph can be a great way to practice vocabulary or spelling words. Beginning with a list of words rather than a blank screen may also help students develop creative content. VocabularySpellingCity’s paragraph writing activity helps students practice paragraph writing, vocabulary, and spelling! Students choose a list and type a paragraph using those words. Premium membership allows students or teachers to create custom lists. Once the paragraph is complete, students click the speaker, have it read aloud, and then return to edit their work. Students submit or print their completed paragraphs.


Time4Writing is an online writing course site. With a strong slate of free resources, it’s the site for you if you need to get into the nitty-gritty of paragraph writing. Paragraph Writing in the Free Resources section includes five subtopics. Each one includes lessons in video and slide formats, printable activities, and online games. It’s a great place to go to focus on each of the elements of the paragraph as well as on putting together a paragraph that flows well and suits its purpose.

Got a high school student that is homeschooling? You are sure to find a resource you’ve been looking for at Let’sHomeschoolHighSchool. From essay writing tips to free online highschool, there are resources for every aspect of homeschooling.

So if you need some writing help, don’t stress! Use these great resources for quick tricks, printable high school diploma, high school report card template, high school transcript form, creative spurs, and even in-depth lessons. They’ll help you and your students to get it together!


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