Keyboarding Games

Homekey Kenneys is a new spin on the popular Numpad Kenneys, which focuses on learning to use the number pad on the keyboard. Homekey Kenneys does the same thing for practice with the home keys. Practice your typing skills, starting with the home keys, with this fun new keyboarding game that will seem more like fun than typing practice!

Keyboarding Games

Typing Factory
Typing Factory
Typing Course
Typing Challenge
Typing Challenge
Typing Challenge
Typing Challenge 2

Play Homekeys Kennys
Homekey Kennys
Speedy Typer
Typing Practice – Colors
Typing Practice – Sports
Typing Practice – Animals

Typing Practice – States
Play Arachnid Falls
Arachnid Falls
Play Numpad Kenny Game
Numpad Kennys
Play Cup Stacking Game
Cup Stacking

Try the Typing Speed Test
Typing Speed Test
Play Typing of the Ghosts
The Typing of The Ghosts
Paragraph Writing Practice
Play Type Type Revolution
Type Type Revolution

Play Qwerty Warriors
QWERTY Warriors
Play Type It
Learn To Type Home Keys
Play Typing Adventure 2
Typing Adventure Level 2
Kids Typing Games
Typing Adventure Level 1

Are You In The Know?
Are You In The Know?