Health Games – Body Parts

Learning all the parts of the body may be difficult. It is best to start out learning the parts of the face. Then move on to the parts of the outer body. Lastly, learn the inner parts of the body. Often small children learn the parts of the face in Preschool or Kindergarten. Children then move on to learning things like hands, feet and shoulders. In grade school and above, children are taught where the heart and stomach are located. With each lesson, it is important to teach children how the parts of the body function. These lessons often function as a way to incorporate new science vocabulary words for small children.
Using games is a great way to incorporate fun with learning. This labeling game can help children to combine the visual learning side of learning the parts of the body with the tactile movement of placing the title of each part on the picture. Try labeling each part here to see if you know all the parts of the body too.

Health Games – Parts of the Body

Play Word-O-Rama
Body Parts Word-O-Rama
Play Jigsaw Game
Body Parts Jigsaw
Play Match Three with Body Parts Game
Match Three Body Parts

Play Sliding Puzzle Game
Sliding Puzzle
Play Audio Word Match for Body Parts
Audio Word Match
Play Body Parts Word Search Game
Word Search
Play Body Parts Which Word Game
Which Word

Play Body Parts Match It Game
Match It