Just getting our family out of the house in the morning includes hauling tons of stuff. In fact, each year our stuff includes more and more technology: multiple cell phones, a tablet, an e-reader, iPods, laptops. We’re not ready for the day without these important tools.

It’s great to have access to so many learning and communication tools. On the other hand, there are times when technology just isn’t the answer. Perhaps the batteries have run out or the wifi’s down, or maybe you want your kids to take a little time to focus on a learning activity without the intrusion of social media, games, advertisements, and audible or visual noise.


On LearningGamesforKids.com, there are loads of printables for just such an occasion. Choose by subject and by grade to print a crossword puzzle that will help your student learn important terms and vocabulary. Math terms, social studies terms, and science terms – we’ve got multiple topics in each category.

Next time you’re headed out and you want to include a little low tech brain work, give our printables a try.


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