Sentence Writing

Different types of sentences serve different purposes and have different structures. One way for students to learn about different types of sentences and their structures is to practice writing them. Declarative sentences are statements. They use a period for end punctuation. This is a declarative sentence. In fact, most sentences we write are declarative sentences. Imperative sentences give a command or state a request. They usually use a period as end punctuation. Here is an example of an imperative sentence: Go walk the dog. Interrogative sentences ask a question. They end in a question mark. Is this an example of an interrogative sentence? Yes! The fourth type of sentence is an exclamatory sentence. An exclamatory sentence shows excitement or emotion. Exclamatory sentences end in an exclamation mark. Darn, we lost the game! It’s my birthday today! A graphic organizer can help students practice writing each type of sentence. When there’s a space for each type of sentence, students have a chance to try each type. They’ll match the sentence type and use sentence structure and punctuation. It’s great practice, and when they’ve mastered the different types, they can use them correctly in their creative writing.


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Sentence Writing

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