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Writing Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers can help students organize their thoughts and their information before they begin to write. Because graphic organizers are visual tools, they help visual learners make connections. They also provide a place for lots of information to be placed in note form. Then, once students begin writing, the information is organized and ready to go! Graphic organizers are great for brainstorming. Students can jot down thoughts and ideas as they occur to them. Students can draw arrows and place circles to link related ideas, words, or events. Graphic organizers help students remember all the parts of their argument or topic. Whether they’re writing a fabulous sentence, building a great paragraph, or organizing an essay, graphic organizers help students to be sure they have all the pieces they need. When students are finished filling the organizer out, the organizer becomes the blueprint for getting the job done, and it ensures they won’t forget anything along the way. Graphic organizers for poems and comic strips give students the structure and limits for these very special types of writing. Their format helps students organize their ideas and choose the very best words to convey their ideas. Graphic organizers for writing help students remember facts, organize their thoughts, and plan their writing.