Summer is coming. It’s the season for travel. Even if you can’t get away for the summer, you can learn about other parts of the world virtually. has great ways to learn about our world’s geography.

Click on the Geography Games tab, and then choose one of the seven continents, or, for random fun, choose Randomography! Each one will give you lots of online games that relate to the continent (or randomography) you chose. Learn country names, important land features, and native animals. You can even go graphic with the World Flags Quiz.

World Flags

In our connected world, it’s important to know what’s where. And each geography section features an online jigsaw puzzle map to help you get to know just where each country in the world is located.

And if you’re going to be away and unplugged? No worries! has you covered with Printable Fun geography word scrambles. They’re great tools to keep kids having fun and learning while you’re on the road.




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