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The letter Z is the final letter in the alphabet. Of all the letters, Z is the least used. Z has a very clear shape, and the uppercase and lowercase versions are the same except for size. That makes this letter an easy one to learn. Help your preschool or Kindergarten students learn to recognize the letter Z by playing alphabet games. Some great kid-related words use a z. Words like zigzag, zip, and zipper are words kids know. If they like comic books or superheroes, they probably know the word zap, too. The authors of alphabet books can sometimes struggle with finding words to use for the letter Z. Animal books rely on the zebra, or, at a stretch, a lizard or a buzzard to represent the letter Z. Most alphabet books focus on nouns that can be illustrated. Each word begins with the letter represented. For a different take on an alphabet book, try reading The Z Was Zapped by Chris Van Allsburg. In it, every letter of the alphabet is joined with an action word. The humor in the words and pictures will appeal to your students, and you just may introduce some new words into your students’ working vocabulary.