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The letter Y is the second-to-last letter of the alphabet. What a great kid letter! It begins the word “yell” and ends the word “jelly”. Help your preschool or Kindergarten students learn to recognize the letter Y by making connections with words they know. Use sound to make connections: yell, yap, yelp, and yip. (Kids with dogs will excel at this activity). Shout “Yahoo!”, “Yes!”,“Yippee!”, “Yikes!”, and “Yay!” Enjoy these celebratory words.Help your students make even more connections to the letter Y by collecting objects and pictures that represent words that start with Y. A ball of yarn, a yellow flower, and a yardstick will help students identify the letter and the word. Your class can try out some new Y-related skills, too. They can learn how to yodel, try some yoga, or play with yo-yos at recess. Older students who are ready to identify the letter Y in different placements in the word can turn action words into adjectives with the help of their trusty letter Y. They can show what it means to be wiggly, bouncy, jumpy, or smiley. They’ll make kinesthetic learning connections while they’re learning important language arts skills.