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The letter X is the twenty-fourth letter of the alphabet and the twenty-third letter in a list of letter frequency. It’s not used a lot, especially in the words that preschool and Kindergarten students are most likely to be learning. Nevertheless, students must learn X along with every other letter in the alphabet. Alphabet books are a great way to learn your ABCs and make connections between letters and words. Alphabet books cover many different themes: they focus on the letters, on animals, on tools or trucks, some are silly and some are serious, but all help students learn their ABCs.Sometimes the alphabet forms the structure of the book, and at other times, such as in Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten by Joseph Slate, the ABCs sneak into the book, ready for clever children to discover them hiding within the story. Letter games will further reinforce letter recognition of the letter X. As children match and identify letters, they’ll be building important skills to use in reading, writing, and even alphabetization. Encourage your students to look for letters everywhere they go, in signs on the streets or on businesses, on food wrappers, license plates, or the ads on the subway. Letter spotting is a game you can do just about anywhere without special equipment or materials!