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The letter T is the second most commonly used letter in the alphabet. It’s straight lines make it easy to write and easy to identify. Although the lowercase form of T commonly used in print is the italic form and includes a short tail (t), it is close enough to the tailless form commonly written so as not to cause confusion for children who are just learning the alphabet. As your preschool or Kindergarten students begin to learn the ABCs, you can help them make connections with words and pictures. Challenge students to think of words that begin with the T sound. Include visual words like “turtle”, “table”, “television”, and “truck” that children can draw or find in magazine or book pictures. As children move beyond simple letter recognition skills to reading skills, you can introduce the consonant blends and digraphs that involve T. “Tr” and “str” are consonant blends that include T. Digraphs are voiceless sounds that include two consonants. “Th” and “st” are common digraphs that include the letter T. Spelling games will help students practice using the letter T and placing it in words. They’ll also learn a lot during free writing time since T is such a commonly used consonant.