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Some of the letters of the alphabet are just easy to remember and S is one of them. It’s curvy shape makes you think of a snake and even the sound snakes make. What better memory booster would anyone need? Use tricks like letter shape to help your preschool or Kindergarten students gain letter recognition skills. Print the letter S and then the word “snake”. Ask students to tell you what sound the snake makes. Print the word “hiss”, and encourage your students to find the Ss in the word. Make a picture of a snake that forms an S shape. Exposing children to different ways to remember letters (pictures, shapes, and sounds) can help them find the way they will remember the letter best. It’s a great way to help every student achieve letter recognition! S is the twentieth letter in the alphabet. In a sample of 40,000 words, S was the seventh most frequently used letter. Common consonant blends involving S include “sh”, “st”, “sc”, “sk”, “sm”, “st”, “sw”, “squ”, and “str”. Of course, readers and writers also see the letter S a lot because it is used alone or with an E to form most plural words. No wonder it’s a letter that ranks high on the frequency chart!