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The letter L is the twelfth letter in the alphabet, and it may be the easiest letter to write, both in uppercase and lowercase forms. Most kids first learn the names of the letters in the alphabet song, but because of its rhythm, the ABC song tends to slur the L sound with those of the other middle letters. Kids hear lmno-p instead of ell, em, en, oh, pee. Teachers and parents can help children distinguish each letter by slowing down as they sing this part of the song. One fun way to teach each letter in the alphabet is to assign cards printed with the letters to the students in a class. As the class sings each letter, the student with that card holds it high for everyone to see. Students will take ownership of “their” letter, and all of the students will make gains in letter recognition through the aural and visual reinforcement. Online or offline letter games also help students gain proficiency in letter recognition. Once they’ve achieved proficiency, students will use their skills to help them read and write words.