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The letter J is easy to recognize because it has only a small variation between the uppercase and lowercase forms. J can be found in lots of kid-friendly words, too. Words like “jump”, “juggle”, “jiggle”, and “jingle” are full of fun. Familiar nursery rhymes and stories star characters whose names begin with J: Jack and Jill, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little John, and Junie B. Jones. Children can use letter games to help them practice identifying the letter J. They can also connect the sound of the letter J and the words it’s in through movement. In preschool, do a movement for each letter of the alphabet. Children can jump or jiggle every time you say the letter J. They’ll be learning in a different way, using kinesthetics to learn and remember the letter shapes, the letter sounds, and the words that go with them. Alphabet games on the computer can help students learn their letters, too. Use them to help students learn to identify the letters of the alphabet. Use them to help children learn the order of the letters of the alphabet. This knowledge becomes very important in language arts classes for older children as they learn how to alphabetize.