Alphabet Games

Kids love playing alphabet games online! If you had a choice between paper and pencil or an online learning game what would you choose? Free learning games for kids are a great way for kids to learn about alphabetical order. Younger children can work on letter recognition through ordering while older children can work on telling the difference between vowels and consonants. Children of any age struggle with alphabetizing, so learning games for kids provides one of the best ways for students to practice. Students can also hone their dictionary and encyclopedia skills by putting words in alphabetical order.

Learning the alphabet can be fun, and teaching the alphabet has never been easier. Fortunately, these games aren’t just for those learning English as a first language; ESL language (English as a Second Language) learners can benefit, too! When students have mastered the alphabet, they can move on to spelling games, root word games, and even work on learning better vocabulary and writing skills. Integrating language arts into online learning games is one of the best ways to find the key to student’s motivation. Classroom teachers love our games and homeschool families use them daily! Early learning resources should be fun and engaging. Of course,  age doesn’t matter when you’re learning online – from preschool through college these games are a fun, one-size-fits-all solution! And, let’s not forget it’s just plain fun!