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Data & Probability

Data & Probability in fifth grade math just might be one of your child’s favorite topics in math, but along with it comes a lot of fifth grade math vocabulary and concepts.

When it comes to data in fifth grade, students will build on what they have learned in previous grades. They’ve worked their way up from pictographs and bar graphs to line graphs and stem and leaf plots. They’ll continue to work with data and numbers to find the mean, median, and mode and will likely be given even larger sets of data to work with.

At this level, students have already learned and practiced the basic vocabulary of probability. They’ve used the words likely, unlikely, probably, certainly, and impossible. They understand what it means to have a fifty-fifty chance and which games and events are games of chance. They can look at a spinner and tell how likely it is that you’ll land on red or blue and even give you the percentage or fraction associated with it.

Students generally have a lot of fun with data & probability, but it also requires some hard work and focus. They can practice at home by making their own spinners and by playing games of chance like dice games and various board games.