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Algebraic Terms

Learning algebra in fifth grade math still involves studying the rules of operations and understanding what symbols represent, just like it did in kindergarten. But now, students are expected to take on more complex problems and learn new algebraic concepts.

Students will practice reading expressions and substituting and manipulating numbers and variables. They’ll work with unknown variables and at this point will become more comfortable with this concept. They’ll use number lines and dive deeper into the numbers and values represented between the whole numbers on the number line. Students will continue to work with order of operations, but will now be using decimals and fractions as well as working with multi-step expressions and equations. They’ll explore the concept of values being equal and will also work with inequalities. Students will also be introduced to new fifth grade math terms while learning algebra.

While all areas of math start with the basics and build upon them, algebra is an area that can become difficult if there is not a solid base to build on. Students really need to have a good understanding of numbers and operations in order to move on to more complex concepts. If this is an area where your child could use more practice, you can ask his or her teacher for some ideas to get you started.