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Math Terms

In fourth grade math, terms might seem a little overwhelming. Students will learn many new terms and concepts, and they will also be expected to use and understand the terms that they learned in prior grade levels. Here is a sampling of what you might see when it comes to fourth grade math vocabulary and terms.

In algebra, students will learn about expressions, which are written relationships between numbers. They’ll use the terms variable and unknown quantity. They’ll solve equations and use properties of operations. They’ll also explore the importance of things being equal or equivalent.

When it comes to data and statistics, they’ll learn new terms and concepts like frequency tables and stem-and-leaf plots, and they will still use bar graphs and line graphs. They’ll collect and interpret data and then draw conclusions based on that data. It’s a lot – but it can be fun with the review games you’ll find here!

In geometry, there will be quite a few terms to know and apply. Here is a list of some common geometry terms: sides, angles, vertices, cubes, cylinders, spheres, cones, prisms, pyramids, right, obtuse, acute, equilateral, isosceles, scalene, radius, diameter, similar figures, congruent figures, transformations, symmetry.

A quick look at the many math terms that fourth graders need to know can seem a little daunting. Keep in mind that fourth grade math curriculum continues to build upon the foundation students already have. Using online learning to do this is one of the most effective means of strengthening a child’s understanding.