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Number Sense

Number sense is about having a basic understanding of numbers. This includes understanding what they are, what they represent, and what the rules are for using them. In third grade math, number sense involves many different concepts including the expansion of their third grade math vocabulary.

Third grade number sense takes a deeper look at the number systems we use. Place value is an important component. Students will practice place value past the thousands and identify the place value of the digits. They’ll use expanded form, going from standard to expanded form and expanded form back to standard form. They’ll read and write numbers up to at least six digits, sometimes more. Students will practice rounding numbers, comparing and ordering numbers, and using a number line in third grade math.

Third graders will also gain a better understanding of operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They’ll practice estimating and rounding numbers. They’ll also learn to regroup in subtraction. Math facts are very important at this stage, because without an automatic knowledge of basic math facts, it will become more and more difficult to do more complex math problems. Addition and subtraction facts should be fairly solid at this point and multiplication facts will be practiced this year. While facts are something that students simply have to memorize, there are plenty of fun ways to practice them, like board games and online games.