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In third grade math, measurements will involve using both the US Customary System and the Metric System. Using the US Customary System of measurement, students will learn to measure and define units of length, such as inch, foot, and yard. They’ll learn to measure to the nearest half-inch. Sometimes they will be asked to measure to the nearest quarter inch as well. They’ll use cups, pints, and quarts to measure and estimate capacity. They’ll use ounces and pounds to estimate and compare different weights. They’ll also practice measuring temperature by reading a thermometer and using Fahrenheit.

Measurements in third grade will also involve using the Metric System. Students will estimate and measure length in centimeters, decimeters, and meters. They’ll find capacity in milliliters and liters. They’ll measure mass using grams and kilograms and understand the difference between mass and weight. They’ll also measure temperature in Celsius. Time will be spent looking at the differences between the two measurement systems and learning to understand the base ten system of the Metric System.

While perimeter and area also fit into geometry, students will spend time measuring these. They’ll count units and add lengths to determine perimeter. They’ll count units and multiply to find area. They’ll also be expected to choose the appropriate label, such as inches or square inches. All of these new math subjects will also require students to learn new third grade math vocabulary.