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Geometry Terms

Geometry is the study of shapes and objects. It’s a unit that involves different learning styles because students are often using physical shapes and objects to learn their properties and attributes. In third grade math, geometry terms are very important and there are a lot of them.

Students will learn about the properties of shapes and objects. Third graders will use geometry terms like polygons, solid figures, angles, and lines. Lines will often be broken down into lines and line segments, and students will practice identifying them as parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting. They will study angles and learn to identify and draw angles that are right, acute, and obtuse. Polygons, which are closed figures with sides and angles, will have their own set of terms, such as quadrilateral and parallelogram. When it comes to solid figures, students will use third grade math terms like cubes, prisms, cones, spheres, and cylinders. Shapes will bring even more terms, like symmetry, congruent, slide, flip, and turn.

Students will also learn about coordinates in order to locate and describe relationships and locations. They’ll need to find the distance between two points on a grid, plot ordered pairs on a grid, and find a point when given directions from another point on a grid.