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Time & Fractions

In second grade math, time and fractions go together. Students will learn about general fraction terms and how to identify and model fractions. They’ll learn about fractions that represent equal parts of a whole as well as equal parts of groups. They’ll practice with halves, thirds, quarters, and eighths. For second grade time and fractions, students will take the skills they learn from fractions and apply them to the concept of time. They’ll be expected to tell time to the nearest hour and half hour using both analog and digital clocks. They will also learn to tell time to the nearest quarter hour. While students will probably already be familiar with AM and PM, they’ll gain a better understanding and also learn how noon and midnight play important roles. Elapsed time is introduced in a basic way. This is a difficult concept that will take time to develop. They’ll apply measurement skills to understand and use units of time, such as minutes, hours, days, and weeks. Another important component is the relationships between measurements of time. For example, seconds in a minute, days in a week, and months in a year. At this point, students will be expected to know the names of the months in the correct order, as well as how long they are. All of these new math subjects will also require students to learn new second grade math vocabulary.