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Algebraic Terms

Learning algebra in second grade means studying the rules of operations. Students will also gain a better understanding of what symbols represent. Second graders learn quite a bit when it comes to algebra.

In second grade algebra, students learn more about both geometric and arithmetic patterns. They’ll be asked to study and extend patterns, such as lists of numbers that show repeated addition or subtraction. Students will also learn more about odd and even numbers, using them in relation to patterns as well.

Children in second grade math will have fun learning more complex properties of addition and subtraction, such as the commutative and associative properties. These have to do with the ways that you can or cannot switch numbers around in a number sentence. Multiplication is introduced as repeated addition. For example, 3×2 is the same as 2+2+2 and 3+3. Another important algebra skill in second grade is being able to find the unknown value in a number sentence. It might mean something like this- 3+___=6 or something like this- 3__3=6. Students will also get more practice using second grade math vocabulary terms such as greater than, less than, and equal to in order to compare numbers. Word problems will be an important part of the math curriculum and students will have a lot of practice with them.