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In first grade, students will learn more about measurements. They’ll learn to measure and estimate using both standard and non-standard units. Standard units are accepted units that have been standardized so that no matter who uses them, they will always represent the same size or amount. Non-standard units are units that will vary, depending on who uses them. For example, a “shoe length” is non-standard because it depends which size shoe you use to measure. However, it still gives you a general idea of how long something might be. Whereas a standard foot in the US Customary System of measurement is always twelve inches long. Students might also learn specific measurements of length, like inches and feet, measurements of weight like ounces and pounds, and measurements of capacity like cups, pints, and quarts.

Measurements in 1st grade math will also involve describing objects and comparing two or more things with first grade math vocabulary words like long, longer, longest or tall, taller, tallest. Other measurement activities might include measurement word problems, identifying the most appropriate unit of measurement to use, and reading a thermometer. Measurement often overlaps a bit with the concept of time, since students need to estimate and measure things like hours, days, weeks, months, and years.