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Geometry Terms

Geometry is the study of shapes and objects. In first grade math, children are introduced to more and more geometry terms. They’ll study both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes and objects. They’ll learn to count the sides and vertices, or points, of shapes. They’ll also learn to count the edges, vertices, and faces of 3-dimensional objects. Parents can help at home by encouraging their children to recognize shapes in everyday objects. Think of all the shapes you can find just in the kitchen: fruit, plates, napkins, etc.

Students will also learn to take those shapes and flip, turn, and slide them to different positions. They’ll begin to explore symmetry, both identifying it and creating it. They’ll also be asked to identify when a shape is the same, but a different size. Or they might need to point out those that are the same or different. They also begin to combine shapes by taking smaller shapes and making larger ones. Imagine taking small triangles and creating a large triangle with them.

It may take some practice for parents to remember what all of these first grade math terms mean. When you haven’t used the terms edges or vertices of a prism in a while, you might need some math practice to brush up or have your child re-teach it to you!