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Literature Hangman Games

Kids love games and because online games are such a terrific resource, parents and teachers have begun using online games to teach. Hangman is only one of the wonderful word games that teach kids how to remember new vocabulary words.

Our version of this great game is called Hangmouse. You guess the letters and each correct guess gets the mouse closer to getting the cheese. But watch out, if you guess wrong, the mouse makes too much noise and startles the cat!

Learning new vocabulary is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using word games for a teach tool. Kids can increase spelling skills as well. By using a great game like Hangmouse, kids can learn to spell new words or can learn to remember all the words on their current spelling list.

Hangman games can increase vocabulary by helping children to expand their knowledge of what words mean. Using a hangman game in the classroom can be helpful to teachers as well. Teachers can increase the excitement of students by allowing game time instead of just using a simple list for study time.

No matter how they are used, word games can increase the learning ability of all types of students.