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Short A Vowel Games

Kids love to learn online with cool games and songs! Preschool and elementary school students can use fun games to help them learn to identify letters and the short A vowel sound (ă). The lesson uses music to teach the short vowel sounds. Then children can practice what they’ve learned to build a word. This is a great way to learn to spell! Once students have practiced writing by playing an online game, they can continue to build reading skills by practicing what they’ve learned both in real life and with other amazing online flash games. Students can learn to read, and then go on to learn to write. And these games aren’t just for those learning reading and writing! Students can learn social studies such as learning about US Presidents. Students of all ages and abilities love online flash games, whether they’re learning writing, math, science, or language arts. Learning can be so much easier when students have interesting, fun ways to do it. Students of all ages can improve their grades and do better in school with some educational practice with an online lesson. Best of all, kids of all ages are having fun while learning!