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All Short Vowels

When we first start school, we learn letters and the sounds that letters make. (Although many kids learn these even before they start school!) We soon learn that some of these letters are called consonants and some of them are called vowels. Short vowels show up a lot, so it’s important for children to have a good understanding of what they are and what they do. Many teachers will give students other words that have the short vowel sounds and pictures that will help them remember. You might remember this: a as in apple, e as in elephant, i as in igloo, o as in octopus, u as in umbrella. Sometimes you’ll see different variations, but these are very common reminders.

Learning phonics takes practice. One way children can learn these is by doing online games that help them practice short vowels for elementary students. Not only do they need to be able to identify the vowels and their short vowel sounds, but they’ll also need to use them when they write and spell. Knowing the sounds letters make is an essential building block in learning to read, write, and spell. Even when we get older and might not think about the rules of English as often, we still need to go back and refresh once in a while. Especially if we’ll be teaching children the rules! There are many learning tools online that will help at any stage of learning.