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Spelling Games

Some students love spelling. Others would rather be doing just about anything else. And of course, there are those in the middle. While there are many rules to spelling in the English language, much of it comes naturally as we learn to read and write. There are so many great elementary spelling games that students can play. There are board games that help them practice important skills and there are online games that do the same.

Depending on what students need to work on, they may want to practice a specific skill or just refresh their spelling habits in general. For example, it might help to use the learning tools online to review long and short vowels and the spelling rules that go along with them. Some students might need to practice adding endings, like ing, ed, and est. They might need to practice very specific sound and letter combinations like ou and ow or ai and ay. Another area that might need practice is irregular spellings. Let’s face it, despite all those spelling rules, there are plenty of exceptions to the rule.

Whatever area students need practice in, learning online is a great option that is fun for kids. Online games make it more fun to learn and practice these important spelling skills.