We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to write us comments, here at LearningGamesForKids.com . We are always receiving comments of encouragement, words of praise, requests for new games and many other friendly or helpful emails from our visitors. Some of the friendly and helpful emails are not words of praise or any of the a fore mentioned comments. Some of the most helpful emails have come from visitors who were not happy with something we had listed or showing on the site and wanted to tell us about it. We really appreciate these emails! They are helpful and so far, they’ve all been pretty friendly.

Of course, we do our best to present only the squeaky-cleanest of games and ads for our young visitors here, but germs can certainly slip through the cracks on occasion. If you see a game or ad that you find offensive or inappropriate please do leave us a comment here about it and we’ll look into it right away.

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