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4th Grade Social Studies Worksheets
In fourth grade social studies, the curriculum usually focuses on the state they live in. This includes the geographic features of the state and how those features have affected the location of towns and cities and transportation systems. It also includes how the people of the state have changed the physical environment by building canals, cities, and roads. Students will study the borders of the state, how they came to be, and which states and countries surround its borders.

Students will need to practice social studies at home. Using tools like printable social studies worksheets will help students to reinforce the lessons they are learning in the classroom. Because students will need to learn to write short answer responses as well as longer essays that focus on a specific topic or theme, printable paragraph writing worksheets can be useful. Whether students are learning about social studies in school or at home, fourth grade social studies is a time for them to take a closer look at where they live and the history of how their state has evolved over time.