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1st Grade Social Studies Worksheets
In first grade social studies, students will start with the basics like schools and neighborhoods and how they are alike and different from others. They’ll discuss the importance of schools and neighborhoods and identify the roles people play. In addition, they’ll talk about what their roles and responsibilities are, including how to show respect, how they can contribute, and what the safety rules are. They might also be asked to identify where they live and discuss towns, cities, and states.

Learning about social studies can be interesting and fun. At this level, children might enjoy going outside to explore some of the concepts they’ve learned about the community and the land. While traveling, parents can provide printable social studies worksheets. On trips, point out various geographic or economic concepts they come across and use the worksheets to reinforce those concepts. And students should be encouraged to explore their areas of interest by reading, writing, or talking with someone who knows about the topic. Another great resource for learning is using games, like printable flash cards to help retain information about new vocabulary and concepts.