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3rd Grade Science Worksheets
Science is a fascinating subject for many reasons. In the area of science, we get to explore, experiment, and discover things about our world, living things, and even ourselves. As students get older, they’ll learn more and more complex concepts in science and at higher levels they can even choose which of those topics to dive deeper into. In third grade science, students will be expected to use what they’ve learned in the previous grades and expand on that knowledge. This means learning new science vocabulary, practicing science writing, and asking more questions.

Whether students are learning about science in school or at home, they’ll be asked to practice science terms and concepts. A great way to foster knowledge in these areas are using printable science worksheets and using printable crossword puzzles for science. In regards to experiments, students will be asked to form a hypothesis, take notes, and write a conclusion. Practicing these skills will help students to become proficient as they advance in science.