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2nd Grade Science Worksheets
Teacher W. Cooper says: “I enjoy using Science4Us as my second grade science program. I introduce each new science concept by projecting the Engage on the board in class. The short video ‘engages’ and excites the students. It is a great starting point! The students use Science4Us as a center using the five computers in our classroom.”

Second grade science is often a favorite of students in elementary school. They love to explore, experiment, and try new things. In second grade, students will be begin to explore more complex issues and will continue to build on their knowledge base.

Whether students are learning in school or at home, it’s important they practice what they’ve learned. Parents can help by utilizing printable science worksheets to practice and reinforce the materials. Children can also use games to supplement their learning. Games like printable crossword puzzles are a fun way to learn new terms and concepts.