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1st Grade Science Worksheets
Many parents and teachers are a little apprehensive about teaching 1st grade science because they don’t feel like they have the right tools to engage their students in a way that will help them to understand the lesson. With Science4Us, teachers and parents are equipped and supported every step of the way to teach first grade science concepts.

In first grade science, students will learn about living and nonliving things. They’ll also study Earth Science. They’ll explore different animal environments or habitats and learn why there are different animals in different places. They’ll compare and contrast animals and group them according to their characteristics.

When learning about science, students need to take in a lot of new information. In order to make the process easier, teachers will often use science printable worksheets to help students understand scientific principles and concepts. Whether children are learning about science in school or at home, there are many resources available. In the classroom, teachers might use games, like printable crossword puzzles, to foster learning. Parents can join in on the fun and have children explore the world around them outside as well. A magnifying glass or an observation notebook are simple tools that help make learning about science fun.