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When children first start school, they begin to learn the basics of math. One of the areas they’ll explore is measurement. Measurement in kindergarten math is a very general concept. While they’ll learn about things like length, weight, area, and volume, they’ll learn about them in a general sense in order to understand when and how to use them. They will most likely start with non-standard units of measurement. For example, they might measure with blocks or an average class foot size. They may also be asked to use standard units of measurement, using measurement tools such as rulers or balances. When it comes to things like capacity and volume, they might think in terms of things being either full or empty or having more or less. They’ll learn about temperature and begin to understand what it means when the temperature is higher or lower.

Kindergarteners will have fun learning about measurement while they learn about measuring time. This includes using a clock, and telling time to the nearest hour, but it also means understanding how long a period of time something is. Children will gain a better understanding of how long days, weeks, months, and years are. They’ll also explore the concepts of morning, afternoon, and evening. Children will be exposed to brand new kindergarten math vocabulary that relates to measuring.