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South America Games & Videos
Learning social studies can include a wide range of topics. One of those topics is learning about the continents.Kids love to learn about South America with great online flash games and activities! They can learn more about the Americas with The Americas Pick One and The Americas Match It. They can unscramble geography terms related to South America. They can put together jigsaw puzzles of South American animals to see what they look like, including the Andean condor and the piranha. Then they can play “Speedy Speller” to see if they can beat the high score. When learning about the subject of individual continents, there will be new social studies vocabulary to learn. These games can increase vocabulary retention and help with learning spelling lists. Other spelling games include word search games, hangmouse games (“mousy” versions of hangman), letterfall games, and printable spelling worksheets. When they need a break from geography, they can try some animal games or maybe even some vocabulary games. There is always plenty to learn, and learning can be a lot of fun with videos, songs, and cool flash games. Elementary school, middle school, and even high school teachers can incorporate these games and activities into their classroom or homeschool lessons for interesting and fun experiences for kids. English-speaking as well as ESL (English as a Second Language) students can improve their skills and learn more about South America with online flash games and online lessons. And kids can have more fun while learning!