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Word Parts
Understanding the meanings and purpose of the parts that make up a word can help students understand a new vocabulary word. Knowledge about word parts can also help students understand words they have never encountered before because they can apply their knowledge of the word parts from words they know while reading new words. A word parts graphic organizer helps students think about word parts by guiding them through the process of breaking down the words. Students write the word in the center of the chart. Directions for each box tell the student what to do. They write the root word, add or remove a prefix and a suffix, and write a word that uses the same root. By the time students are finished separating the word parts, they’ll know a lot more about the word they’re studying and other related words. The word parts graphic organizer helps students build their vocabularies and their understanding of words.

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Rhyming is a skill that comes easily to some students and less easily to others. The inability to hear or identify rhymes can be a sign of a learning disability, or it can simply indicate that a student needs more practice with making and identifying rhymes. A graphic organizer can help students identify and make rhymes. Students begin with one word. Beneath the first word, they write three or more words that rhyme with it. Seeing the rhyming words together will help students learn how rhymes work by allowing them to make connections between the spelling of the words and the sounds they make. If students are having trouble with this step, remind them that the words in a word family (words that begin with different letters but end with the same combination of letters) rhyme. Students can experiment with placing different letters at the start of the word to see if they can make a word they know. Once students have some rhyming words to work with, they can move to the last step in the graphic organizer. It allows students to choose two of the rhyming words to make their own two-line rhyme. Once they’ve done that, your students will be on their way to making their own rhyming poem!

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Word Details
When students are learning new vocabulary, they benefit from learning many things about each new word. A graphic organizer can help students organize this new information. Four Square Parts is one kind of graphic organizer that helps students organize information about new vocabulary words. As they fill in each square of the organizer, students must learn and think about a different aspect of the word and its meaning. Students write a definition for the word and a context-rich sentence. They fill in the part, or parts, of speech and write the number of syllables in the word. Putting all of this information together will help students understand the word’s meaning and proper use. The syllable count will also help students with reading and pronunciation of unfamiliar words. Students can save, print, and collect their word details sheets to refer to when reading and writing.

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Word System
In school, students learn a lot of new vocabulary. Some vocabulary is learned through reading. Other new words are learned through looking for the best way to write or say something to make a point. Still others are directly connected to the curriculum in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science or Math.

One way for students to really understand a new word is word focus: to look at that one word in many different ways. A word system graphic organizer helps students look at many aspects of the same word and places everything on one page or screen.

The word system looks like the solar system. The word is written on the sun. On the planets surrounding it, students input the part of speech, definition, description, drawing, synonyms, a sentence, and a drawing. By the time students have compiled all of this information about the new word, their understanding will have grown in complexity and depth. Graphic organizers like the word system are great ways to learn and practice new vocabulary!

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Glossary Entry
As students learn vocabulary, especially vocabulary words that are related to the words they’re studying, they also learn to use dictionaries and glossaries. Glossaries can be especially handy for subject-specific words since they’re usually located at the back of the textbook. There, students can find the definition as well as the part of speech and a reference to the page on which they can find the word used in context. A good exercise to practice new vocabulary is to make a glossary or dictionary entry for a word. Students fill in the name of the word, its part of speech, definition, a contextually rich sentence, the word’s origin, and related forms. As students record all of this information, they gain a deeper understanding of the word and its use. Students can save and print their glossary or dictionary entries. They can use these pages to make personal dictionaries to refer to throughout the school year. By the year’s end they will have a strong understanding of many more words that they can access for reading, writing, and discussions both in and out of school.

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Contrasting Words
When we contrast one thing with another, we think about many different aspects of both things, ideas, or words. Somehow finding contrasts helps us to focus on each detail. Contrasting two words can be a great way to clarify and strengthen your understanding of each word’s meaning. A Word Contrast graphic organizer helps students to contrast two different vocabulary words. On it, students write the words; they describe each word; and they draw a picture that relates to each word and its meaning. Finally, students explain how the two words contrast. Using descriptions and pictures, and then contrasting two words can help students make connections with their vocabulary words. When they write about and share the contrasts they’ve found, they’ll begin to understand each word better. That’s a great result because better understanding leads to using these new words more often, and that leads to a larger and stronger working vocabulary!

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Comparing Words
When we compare to words, objects or ideas, we think about many different aspects of both things. Somehow making comparisons helps us to focus on details. Comparing words can be a great way to clarify and strengthen your understanding of each word’s meaning. A Word Comparison graphic organizer helps students to compare two different words. On it, students write the words; they describe each word; and they draw a picture that relates to each word and its meaning. Finally, students explain how the two words they are comparing are related. Using descriptions, pictures, and comparisons can help students make connections with their vocabulary words. When they write about and share the connections they’ve found, they’ll begin to understand each word better. That’s a great result, because better understanding leads to using these new words more often, and that leads to a larger and stronger working vocabulary!

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Comic Strip
Creative writing provides a great opportunity to use your imagination to write a story. But sitting down and writing is not always easy. For some students it’s hard to know where the story starts. Others have an idea, but they just don’t know how to get a whole story out of it. One way to help students get organized and make their story idea a real story is to use a graphic organizer. The format can help students that are struggling understand what to do and help them present a product they’re proud of. Comic strips present a short story or a joke in a fun form. A comic strip form is a graphic organizer that helps your students present their story idea and makes it a success. The pictures allow students who love to draw a place to show their creativity. The limited writing space can help students in several ways. For students who find writing to be a chore, a small writing space feels like a relief. For students who tend to be wordy, the limited space encourages practice with word choice, culling their ideas down to include only the most important. When the comic strip is complete, your students will have an organized and creative piece of writing to share with pride.

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Sentence Stems
Most kids are asked to do a lot of writing in school. For some kids this is an easy task. Others simply stare at their blank piece of paper and don’t know what to write. Many of these kids just need a little help to spark a good sentence idea. Sentence stems are pre-written sentence beginnings. These two to five word sentence starters can help kids get their creativity flowing. The Sentence Stems graphic organizer provides the space to type five sentences and a bank of fifteen sentence stems for kids who need to jump-start their creativity. Sentence stems work in many types of writing assignments. They can help when students are writing about their own life or experiences. They can help students practice using their spelling words correctly. In addition, sentence stems can be used to help students write about a topic they have been studying. Sometimes it just takes the start of a sentence to help students access and use the knowledge they already have!

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Acrostic Poem
An acrostic poem is a poem form that places the subject of the poem or a message in an integral position. The subject or message is written vertically on the left side of the page. Each letter of the word becomes the first letter for one of the lines of the poem. Lines of the poem can be a single word, a phrase, or an entire sentence. The first acrostics were written in ancient times. Acrostics were written in the Middle Ages, in Roman Times, and in the Bible. The Dutch like acrostics so much, there’s one in their national anthem. Acrostics may be popular because people enjoy hiding a name, subject, or a message in a poem. Acrostics give students a framework for the poem they write. They are governed in word choice and in length of the poem by their name, subject, or message. Acrostic poems do not typically follow a rhyme scheme or meter. A graphic organizer can help students organize an acrostic poem. The organizer shows the subject or message words in capitals along the left side of the page. It also includes space to write or type the lines of the poems.

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