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Typing Practice - Colors

Learning typing is the focus of these keyboarding games. Learning keyboarding skills is vital for today’s learners and tomorrow’s earners. These free typing games are a great way to build typing skills. Keyboarding games teach important skills through a variety of online typing lessons and typing games..... oh yeah, they're fun!

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Learning Games for Kids is sponsored by Time4Learning, a convenient, online home education program for homeschooling, afterschool, and summer learning: Time4Writing with online writing courses, and, with educational vocabulary and spelling materials for learning sight words, math vocabulary, with word games such as unscramble and MatchIt.


Keyboarding Games

After you’ve learned the proper finger placement, adding speed and accuracy is the goal. This is game 1 of 4 of the Speedy Typer Typing Practice free typing keyboarding games. In this game, you will type color words that are made up of 3 – 6 letters. Game two will bring in longer words about sports, while games 3 and 4 expand to animals and capital words of states. It will be a workout for your fingers as well as a lot of fun and all to help strengthen your keyboarding skills.

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