Preschool & Kindergarten Videos

View Wheels On The Bus Video
Wheels On The Bus Song
Watch Color Mixing Video
Color Mixing Song
Watch Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes video
Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes Song
Watch Two Little Eyes Video
Two Little Eyes Song
Play The ABC Balloon Song
ABC Balloon Song
Play Old McDonald Video
Old McDonald Song
Play Fruit Stand Video
Fruit Stand Song
Learning the OU Sound
The Sound of “OU”
Learning the Days of the Week
Days of the Week
Learning Shapes
Learning to Count 1-12
Counting 1-12
Learning ABC's
ABC Song
Learning the BR Sound
The Sound of “BR”
Learning the EE Sound
The Sound of “EE”
Learning S Sounds
Sounds of “S”
Learning the C Sound
The “C” Sound
Learning the Silent E
The Silent “E”
Learning the R Sound
Bossy “R”
Learning Transformer H Sound
Transformer “h”
Learning the soft G Sound
Soft “G”
Learning About AW Sounds
Awesome “AW”
Learn about health foods.
Healthy Foods
Are You In The Know?
Are You In The Know?

Science Songs

Changes Video
Changes At The Beach
Motion Video
Motion Song
Watch Vibrations Science Video
Vibration Science Song
educational songs
I Am A Paleontologist
learning songs and videos
The Thunder Song
star song
The Star Song
educational science songs
The Sun Song
educational science songs
The Hurricane Song
educational songs and videos
Birds Have
educational songs
The Rock Song
educational song
Why Does the Sun Really Shine?
educational science songs
Sun Science Song
educational science song
How Many Planets?
educational science songs
Speed and Velocity
educational songs
Roy G. Biv
educational songs
Science Is Real
educational songs and videos
Meet the Elements

Slow Motion Science Videos

Learn About the Hummingbird
Playing with Soap Bubbles
Soap Bubble Science

Science Experiment Videos

Myths About Superheros
Superhero Myths
Water Heater Explodes
Exploding Water Heater
Exploding Biscuits
Biscuit Bullet?
Airplane on Treadmill Experiment
Airplane Treadmill
Diet Soda & Mentos Experiment
Diet Coke & Mentos
Learning About Gas
Fun With Gas

Educational Songs & Videos

When online educational curriculum for elementary students is needed to learn or reinforce something, one of the best ways is to use educational songs & videos as learning tools. While these can be found all over, including borrowing them from a teacher or friend, or purchasing them at a store, one of the easiest places to find them is online. Students have become so computer savvy that they can often search and find these free online learning resources all by themselves. Or at least with a just little bit of help.

Online activities are a fun way for students to learn new skills and practice what they’ve learned. You’ll find plenty of educational songs that use music, rhyme, and repetition to help students remember. You might even hear them singing them around the house because these catchy tunes can easily get stuck in your head! They are also easy to recall when the information is needed. Educational videos can help kids learn vocabulary, spelling, or just about any topic you need and can help make learning online a great experience for kids. Whether you’re looking for first grade math or fifth grade social studies, chances are you’ll find a helpful video. In addition, don’t forget about all the other things students can do to reinforce skills, by doing a search for online practice or online games in your chosen topic.