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Bird Games & Videos

Online flash games are a great way for kids to learn more about birds! Watch a video about birds of prey like the Harris hawk, the barred owl, and the Eurasian eagle owl. Other videos contain information about birds like flamingos, penguins, and crowned cranes. Then take a look at the largest flying bird in the world–the Andean condor. Learn about daytime birds, nighttime birds, flying birds, and flightless birds. After watching the videos, try playing fun flash games to reinforce what you’ve learned. There are jigsaw puzzles, spelling games, and word search games about birds of all sorts.

After learning about birds, you can learn about other areas of science including marsupials, monkeys, and sharks. Elementary school, middle school, and even high school students enjoy learning science with videos, music, and online flash games. Students can improve their science vocabulary skills and learn more about animals with online flash games and online lessons. Teachers can use these games and activities to help their students learn more about birds. And kids will have fun while learning!