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Geometry Terms

Our study of geometry starts long before we begin school. We learn about shapes like circles and squares and we get to explore them in the world around us. We learn about things like corners, lines, and three dimensional objects. Each year of school builds upon the last and before we know it, we are learning more and more complex concepts and ideas. In fifth grade math, geometry and geometry terms certainly become more complex, preparing students for the world of middle school and beyond.

There will be many geometry terms in fifth grade math vocabulary, some which students have known since kindergarten and others that are brand new to them. There will be many chances for students to take what they learn and apply those concepts and ideas to real situations and everyday life. When they explore geometric concepts and terms in fifth grade, they’ll also be learning how to apply them and use them in the real world. They’ll learn about three dimensional figures, drawing to scale, building their own figures, and measuring angles. Students will do more with coordinate grids at this level, using ordered pairs and measuring distances on a grid. They’ll also use symmetry and learn more about the properties of shapes and objects.